Why Flashlight is Important in Hiking [Even For a Sunny Day]

why flashlight is important in hiking

Hiking is a fun activity that many people enjoy, but why would you need a flashlight?

It turns out there are many reasons why having one with you on your hike can be very beneficial.

If you’re interested in learning more about why flashlight is important in hiking, then keep reading.

why flashlight is important in hiking

Why Flashlight is Important in Hiking?

Flashlight is important in hiking for several reasons. It is a MUST-HAVE for night hikers as it illuminates their path thus revealing any impending danger ahead. Don’t get me wrong! A LED torch is also important for daytime hikers as you never can tell when a bright weather can suddenly turn gloomy.

The Importance of Having Flashlights in Your Hiking Backpack

What is the importance of flashlight?

In the previous section, we summarized the pros of having a LED torch in your hiking backpack. In this section, we will give you more information on why flashlight is important in hiking.

To illuminate Your Path

Hiking can be fun and exciting for exploring the woods, mountains, rocks, etc. in the dark can be terrifying.


Because it is hard to see the trail, and many times it can be difficult to tell where you are going (especially, if you are exploring a new trail).

A LED torch is a great way to illuminate your path and make sure you are going the right direction.

You can check out our review of some of the best hiking flashlights obtainable in the marketplaces today.

Evade Obstacles and Dangers

When there isn’t enough light, it can be difficult to see obstacles and danger in front of us (including snakes, wild animals, roots on the ground or rocks we might stumble over).

But with a LED lamp, these things become more visible so that we easily can step over obstacles that we otherwise would have tripped over and also avoid dangers that otherwise would have caused us harm.

For when the Unexpected Happens

We live in a world where we can’t predict the future or what is going to happen next.

What guarantee do you have that the current bright and sunny weather is going to last all day?

What if the weather turns bad and you find yourself in a thunderstorm, dark forest or any other place where visibility is poor?

A LED lamps will help light your way through darkness while also providing an emergency source of light should something happen on the trail (like when we have had car trouble).

For Emergency and Impromptu Camping

While initially planning your outdoor adventure, camping out might not have been on your radar or to-do-list.

But what happens if you or your partner gets injured while out hiking and can’t walk back the same way that you came (or even at all)?

Temporarily camping out till a rescue team or medical assistance arrives would be the recommended course of action.

In this situation, a flashlight is an absolute necessity.

The best camping flashlight will allow you to see your surroundings so that you can find shelter and also for gathering camping supplies such as firewood or setting up camp in the dark without tripping over anything.

Signaling and Giving Directions

Bringing a torch on your journey can help with more than just lighting your way through the darkness.

What if you suddenly get separated from your team or need to get back together?

Or how about getting lost and need to signal for help?

How do you assist them to easily track your exact location?

A torch can prove very useful in these instances as it offers a great way to get attention from afar and also give directions when you are lost which is why it’s important that your light has a strobe mode.

Hiking Flashlights Checklist

Now that we have successfully established why flashlight is important in hiking adventures, let’s move onto the factors you should consider when packing your LED light for your next journey.



Because you
will be journeying through different terrains that can at times be wet and moist,
it’s important to have a LED lamp that will be at least water resistant if
not waterproof. If the torch is not water resistant, it may cause issues
like shorting out or even being damaged by water in general.

If you want to learn more about waterproof LED lights, then our recent post on: Are All Flashlights Waterproof? is highly recommended.

Battery Check

The last thing you want to experience is get halfway through your trip and realize that the batteries in your lamp have gone dead.

In order to avoid this, check them before you head out on a hike so that there are no surprises once you are deep into it.

If your LED light use rechargeable batteries, then ensure that it is fully charged before dropping it inside your backpack.

As an extra precautionary step, you may want to consider carrying a portable power bank with you as it can be use in juicing up the batteries when they are 50 percent or completely drained.

For those with standard batteries, make sure to carry spare batteries. You just never know when you might need them.

Keep Your Flashlights Secure and Handy

It is very vital that you store your LED lights in a safe and secure place. You don’t want to reach out for it and discover that it had accidentally fallen off your backpack at some point in the journey.

If you are the type that fancy holding your LED light in your hand, then you should seriously consider taking advantage of the safety rope that comes with most models as it can really take the stress off your hand.

Aside keeping it safe, you should always keep it handy so that you can easily pull it out when needed.

Conclusion: Why Flashlight is Important in Hiking

A LED lamp is an essential in a hiking backpack for both day and night adventures. Irrespective of what time of the day you go exploring in the woods, mountains etc., you will easily find a handful of reasons why flashlight is important in hiking.

By always having a LED light on you, you will always be prepared for the unexpected.

If it’s dark outside when your adventure starts or ends, then having light with you might save your life, that of your partner or even a random hiker!