Are All Flashlights Waterproof? [Detailed Explanation]

Are all flashlights waterproof

What flashlights are waterproof?

Can they withstand being submerged in water for a long period of time, or is it better to use them around the house without getting wet?

Are all flashlights waterproof

If not, how can you tell the ones that are waterproof from the ones that are not?

Waterproofing and water resistance are two different things.

There are many misconceptions about what these terms mean, and some people think that they’re interchangeable.

So, do they actually mean the same thing, or they are distinct?

These and many other like-manner questions will be answered in this article so that you can make an informed decision before buying.

Are All Flashlights Waterproof?

Clearly all flashlights are not created equally hence, they are not all waterproof. While some are designed to survive shallow submersion and light splashes, others are designed to withstand extended period of deep submerge. The IP rating helps to determine the “waterproof” status of any flashlight.

Water Resistance Vs Waterproof

The term water resistance is often used when referring to the ability of a flashlight to withstand contact with water splashes for a relatively short period. Exposing them to water for an extended period can cause damage.

“Waterproof” on the other hand is a term used for flashlights that can be submerged in water to a certain depth without breaking. This type of LED lights are suitable for usage in rainy or wet weather, scuba diving and outdoor adventures like camping and hiking.

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating

IP ratings stands for Ingress Protection.

It’s a rating system for the level of protection that an item provides against water and dust.

The rating is represented as two digits, such as IP67 or IP68.

The first number in these ratings represents the degree of protection from solid objects like small rocks, while the second number stands for how well the product can resist water.

IP ratings of 1 – 6

These are classified under “water-resistant” flashlights.

Such flashlights are only protected against water splashes. As such, submerging them in water can lead to damage.

As hinted in this article, you should avoid using these type of flashlights under water.

IP Rating 7 – 8

These are classified as “waterproof” flashlights.

These types of flashlights can survive being immersed in water depth of at least 1 Meter for 30 minutes or more.

Ideally, this is what you should look for in a good diving torch.

What Flashlights Are Waterproof?

The only flashlights that are waterproof are the ones that comes with an IP rating where the second number is 7 and above. An example will be IPX7 or IP67. These types of flashlights can survive water immersion of at least 1 meter for 30 minutes and above.

In fact, waterproof is one of the criteria for a good and reliable hiking flashlight.


If you are looking for a flashlight that is both waterproof and durable, then it’s important to ensure the light has at least IPX7.

This ensures that your light will be protected from dust as well as water immersion.