Are Tactical Flashlights Waterproof?

Are tactical flashlights waterproof

Tactical flashlights are a great investment for any outdoors enthusiast, first responders, and military personnel as they offer more functionality than standard flashlights and can function under harsh weather conditions without breaking.

However, they are expensive.

Are tactical flashlights waterproof

Are you considering investing in one but not sure if it is waterproof or not?

It is important to know whether or not these items are water waterproof before investing in them, as you don’t want to find out after the purchase that they aren’t!

Well, if that sounds like you then you are in luck because this article will answer your question!

Are Tactical Flashlights Waterproof

Not all tactical flashlights are waterproof. As such, always ensure that you check the IP rating of any military-grade flashlight before buying. A good tactical flashlight should have IPX7 and above. However, if your LED light will only be exposed to few water splashes, IPX6 and above is okay.

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Military Grade Flashlights: Others Factors to Consider

Aside waterproof, other factors that combines to make a good tactical flashlight are:

Lumen: a measure of flashlight brightness.

For a military-grade flashlights, you want something that is super bright so that it can be effective should the need to temporarily blind an attacker.

Battery Life: you want something that offers a reasonable hours of use before the next battery recharge prompt.

For this, you want a LED torch with a battery that is big enough to offer decent hours or usage yet lightweight and small enough to fit into your bag.

Built: because military-grade flashlights are durable devices that are built to withstand the harshest conditions, which means you should choose something that is solidly made and with an impact resistant body.

Bulb: there are different types of flashlight bulbs each with its unique Pros and Cons.

For a tactical flashlight, you can’t go wrong with LED bulb as they consume less energy and offer bight beam.


So, you’ve found the perfect tactical flashlight and now considering to make your purchase, but then you noticed that there is no mention of water resistance about the product.

Before making any final decision, always double-check the IP rating on your preferred light by looking for an ingress protection (IP) code on the product body.

If this information isn’t given on either the product body or the website, contact customer service before purchasing it.

If an attempt to reach customer support is too much trouble for you or reaching them proves impossible, then consider looking elsewhere. Remember, you want something that will last more than just one day out in wet conditions