Can You Use Regular Flashlight Underwater? [Answered]

can you use regular flashlight underwater

A flashlight is not only a great tool to have around the house for various reasons but is also an essential for diving.

One of the most common questions people ask themselves when they are looking for the perfect solution to light up their path under water is “can a standard flashlight be used for diving?”

The answer can depend on a number of factors.

In this article, we will provide you with answers to the above question. That way, you will be better guided on whether a regular flashlight would be suitable for diving purposes.

Can You Use Regular Flashlight Underwater?

can you use regular flashlight underwater

The answer is “NO” because standard flashlights are not designed for use underwater or for diving. While a few standard models may survive a shallow depth, diving deeper will render them useless because of the harsh nature of some water.

Also. standard flashlights often don’t have ample lumen to provide the necessary brightness required to sufficiently illuminate your path beneath the water.

The beam angle is also another factor that can have a huge negative effect on the use of your regular flashlight for diving purposes. This affects how far you can see in front of you as well as which direction light is casted.

The Ideal Flashlights for Underwater

If the standard flashlights are not suitable for underwater use, what then can you use?

The best option is to invest in a solid and sturdy waterproof flashlight.

These flashlights are specially designed for underwater and can withstand the pressure that comes with diving deep into water (up to 100 feet).

Some models even come with extra features and functionalities like the strobe which can be handy when the need to signal/communicate with your dive buddy arises.

While they are expensive, they are easily worth the investment and can last many years.


For the best diving experience, always opt for flashlights designed specifically for diving purposes.

Nothing ruins a good dive like trying to use a regular flashlight underwater and subsequently having it break or stop working because of pressure from your depth.

Luckily, If you’re looking to purchase one yourself, there are plenty of options out there that have been specifically created with divers in mind!

Not only can you find some of the best flashlights for diving purposes, but also models that come with cool features to make underwater exploration more fun and safer!