Should You Keep a Flashlight in Your Car?

Should You Keep a Flashlight in Your Car

Do you ever find yourself in the dark at night, and needing a flashlight?

Should you keep one in your car for such an occasion?

Better still, shouldn’t every driver have a flashlight to use when they are on the side of the road if their vehicle breaks down?

Should You Keep a Flashlight in Your Car

But most importantly, is it even safe to leave LED lights in your car considering that the temperature can sometimes get excessively hot and knowing that certain battery types generally don’t fare well with high temperature?

These and many more are the questions that will be answered in this post.

So, stay tuned!

Should You Keep a Flashlight in Your Car?

You should have at least one LED light in your vehicle as it prepares you for the unexpected. However, to ensure that both the flashlight and the batteries are fully charged, in good condition and ready for use when the need arises, always store it in a dry and cool place in your car.

Best Practices for Storing Flashlights in Your Vehicle

Here are a couple of tips that will ensure that your LED torch stored in the car remain fully charged, in good shape and ready for use when their need arises.

Battery Selection

Flashlights of this caliber are often bought and put away for futuristic use (long-term storage).

As such, choose LED flashlights powered with lithium battery over the rechargeable models.

You can read more about different battery types and their uses in our “Are rechargeable batteries good for flashlight” post


Avoid leaving your LED torch in the glove compartment as the glove compartment tend to easily get hot and may cause battery leakage. Instead, under the seat, in the trunk or in a thermal-lined lunch bag are safe places.


There are many reasons why you should keep a flashlight in your car. But when it comes to playing safe, the lumen factor alone is not enough

You also want to make sure that any light you leave in your vehicle is powered with batteries that can withstand temperature changes or harsh conditions; especially if they’re going into storage for an extended period of time.

After all, a battery-operated LED flashlight may be bright but if it won’t retain charge after being left out overnight during freezing and hot weather, then what good is it?

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