Are Tactical Flashlights Good For Self Defense?

are tactical flashlights good for self defense

Many people are looking for good self-defense products these days.

Are tactical flashlights the answer?

Can they be used in times of danger to protect oneself?
One may think that this is a silly question, but it’s possibility cannot be totally ruled out.

are tactical flashlights good for self defense

Read on and find out what you need to know about tactical flashlights and their ability for self-defense.

Are Tactical Flashlights Good for Self Defense?

Tactical flashlights are great for self-defense because they emit strong light that renders an attacker temporarily blind and disorientated. This gives you time to escape or incapacitate them with other means of force. The Flashlight can also be used as a baton is assaulting your attacker.

Getting the Best out of Tactical Flashlight

Now that you know tactical flashlights makes a good self-defense weapon, here are some safety practices that will ensure that they serve you well when the need arises.

Always Keep the Batteries Fully Charged

One never knows when a tactical flashlight will be needed, so it is best to keep the batteries fully charged (that is those models that always uses rechargeable batteries).

If your military-grade flashlight is not using rechargeable batteries, you will want to be mindful of the battery selection you opt for.

The key is to select battery types that have high retention capacity. That way, your flashlight batteries will remain fully always charged and be ready for the unexpected when it occurs.

In one of our “Are Rechargeable Batteries Good for LED Flashlights?” article, we talked about different battery types for different purposes.

In case you have read it, we recommend checking it out.

Keep Your Tactical Flashlight Handy

A lot of people tend to store their tactical flashlights in places that are hard for them to retrieve when they need one fast.

Make sure that your self-defense weapon (in this case, your flashlight) is always handy and can easily be located in case of an emergency.

How Many Lumens Should a Tactical Flashlight Have?

The lumen of a tactical flashlight is the most important fact to look for when choosing one. The lumen essentially tells you how bright a flashlight is, and the brighter it is, the more effective it gets at temporarily blinding an attacker’s eye.

So, how many lumen is enough for a tactical flashlight?

While there is no definite correct answer, 300 lumen and above will work just fine.


If you’ve been looking for a way to defend yourself against an attacker, the tactical flashlight might be your best bet. This type of flashlight is designed with features that make it easy to overpower someone who may want to harm you.

The beam on this light can temporarily blind them and its hard material provides excellent protection when used as a baton to bash someone’s skull.