Are Expensive Flashlights Worth It?

Are Expensive Flashlights Worth It

When it comes to flashlights, you have a wide range of options. Flashlights come in all shapes and sizes, prices and materials.

We are often faced with the question: Are expensive flashlights worth it?

Are they really that much brighter than cheap ones?

Are Expensive Flashlights Worth It

In this blog post, we will discuss whether or not a high-priced flashlight is worth the money and what the important factors that you should consider when planing for a new flashlight.

Are Expensive Flashlights Worth It?

The answer to whether or not pricey flashlights are worth the extra money is dependent on the intended purpose for the flashlight. For a regular use around the house, inexpensive flashlights are all you need. But for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities you may want to consider investing in a more expensive model.

It’s important that the flashlight is durable so it can withstand any weather condition or terrain that you might encounter while on an adventure.

The higher quality flashlights are made of durable materials which will hold up better over time thus saving you money in the long run.

When Should You Invest in Expensive LED Flashlights?

As hinted in the previous section, there are cases when the answer is “YES” to the question: are expensive flashlights worth it? Over-priced flashlights are recommended if they offer something ‘useful’ for you that cheaper or affordable LED lights cannot.

Let’s take a look at some reasons that would warrant investing in high-end Flashlights and whether or not such reasons justify their higher price tag.

For Your Job

If you find yourself in a profession like security guard, construction Engineer, etc. that requires working in dark, damp and wet conditions (such as a construction site), then you need to invest in costly LED flashlights.

This is because cheap or affordable lights cannot withstand such harsh environments for long periods of time without malfunctioning. This would usually lead to waste of funds as you will repeatedly keep replacing them.

Expensive LED lights are the way to go in this scenario as they are designed with better seals, which make them more resistant to moisture than cheaper models. Furthermore, they have a longer lifespan than cheaper flashlights, which makes them deserving the high price tag in the long term.

For Emergency Survival Kit

Another scenario that warrants investment in luxurious LED flashlights is if you need it to form part of your emergency survival gear.

In case a disaster occurs, and you are left without power for days, then lighting will be your primary concern.

A good example would be investing in a good flashlight for camping purpose.

Cheap or affordable LEDs might not last as long as necessary due to the heavy usage they would receive when used during emergencies as opposed to regular use.

Furthermore, affordability may come into question as the cheap or affordable lights may not be easily accessible, especially if there is a national emergency.

Therefore, investing in exclusive LED flashlights for your survival kit would protect you against all these scenarios and make them worth it when compared to cheaper alternatives.


cool features and functionalities embodied in premium sturdy materials may not  be the only benefits of investing brands that offer pricey LED lights. In fact, having your devices repaired and serviced for free (although you may have to pay for any replacement parts) adds to their benefits.

So, if this sounds cool and is of interest to you then investing in costly LED flashlights may not be such a bad idea.

For Special Hobbies

If you are engaged in some special outdoor adventures like cycling, camping and hiking then there may be need to invest in some high quality lights.

However, you can still shop for good LED lights on the budget.

If you are a hiker shopping on a budget and also looking to get a new flashlight or replace an old model, then be sure to check our 7 best hiking flashlights review post for some great picks.

When Shouldn't You Invest in Expensive Flashlights?

Haven examined the question of when you should invest in expensive flashlights, its time to take a look at the situation where you shouldn’t.

You Simply Need it for the House

Spending more on flashlights that are just going to be for the house seems like a waste of money.

If you need a flashlight around the house, then there are several models to choose from that is cheap and affordable yet, still does its job well.

If you want a high-priced flashlight because it looks cool or has some extra perks added in, then go ahead but don’t expect much difference between the high-priced and the low-priced models.

You Want to Put Flashlights in Places so that You Can Easily Access them Without Necessarily Carrying them Around.

If you don’t want to be bothered with the inconveniences of carrying LED light with you everywhere you go, then having them strategically positioned in key places like the bedside table, in your car, beside the fuse box, beside the kitchen countertop etc. is the way to go.

Under such scenario, going with cheap and affordable models is higly recommended.

If You Are the Forgetful Type

If you are good at forgetting and losing stuffs, then it’s not worth it to go with pricey models.

You’ll be wasting money on flashlights that will inevitably find their ways into the pocket of others, abyss of your house, office, car and so on.

Instead, invest in cheap and affordable flashlight.

Something you can afford to lose if you have a habit of losing things and would not cost much to replace.

Are Expensive Flashlights Worth it? Conclusion

When it comes to the decision: are expensive flashlights worth it?, the bottom line is that if you’re only looking for a flashlight to use around the house, then an inexpensive model will do.

But if you’ll be using your flashlight every day or in various outdoor and security activities like camping, surveillance, hiking, etc. then it may make sense to invest in something more durable and higher quality.