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Are Break Lights and Reverse Lights the Same?

Are break lights and reverse lights the same

Brake lights and reverse lights are amongst
the most important safety features on vehicles. But have you ever been confused
about brake lights and reverse lights?

Are break lights and reverse lights the same?

Are break lights and reverse lights the same

Do they perform the same functions?

What’s the difference between them?

Understanding what they are, and their functions, is important for both driver safety and that of the road users.

In this article, we’ll provide in-depth answers to these questions in details so you can avoid dangerous situations.

Are Break Lights and Reverse Lights the Same?

Break lights and reverse lights are not the same. As a matter of fact, they are different in both colors and functions. While brake lights come in red colors and indicates when a car is slowing down, reverse lights are white in color and indicates when a car is about to move backward.

More on Reverse Lights

Now that we have established that brake lights and reverse lights are different, let us learn more about reverse lights (otherwise known as backup light).

For more about break lights, refer to here and here articles.

Backup lights automatically light up once the gear selector is switched to reverse and will also go off automatically too, once the gear selector is moved from ‘reverse’ to ‘drive’ mode.

Other Uses of Backup Lights

Having learned about the primary function of a reverse light in vehicles, lets now explore other uses that backup lights can serve.

Illumination of Rear Scene:

For instance, backup lights are also used to light up the scene behind your car during night time or in areas where there is no lighting at all.

How to Check If Your Backup Lights are Working

Reverse lights are required by law (in the United States and other countries of the world). Hence, it is important that you check regularly that they are functioning properly to avoid being fined.

One way to check if your backup lights are working is by having a friend stand behind your vehicle to confirm if they actually light up and go off as you move the gear selector to and from the reverse mode.

With the answer to the question; are break lights and reverse lights the same out of the way, let’s address another important question.

What if there’s nobody around to assist you?

Well, in that case, you must perform the routine check yourself.

Here is how in you can check if your backup lights are functioning properly if there is no one around to assist you in four easy steps.

Step 1. insert the key into the ignition hole and turn it to the ‘ON’ position taking care not to start the car.

Step 2. Check to confirm that your parking brake is activated.

Step 3. Move the gear selector to the ‘reverse’ mode.

Step 4. Get out of the car and go behind your vehicle to confirm if they are working properly as they should.

If they light up, then that means, that they are working, and you don’t have anything to worry about.

However, if both or one of them is fails to light up, then that could mean trouble for you if they are not fixed urgently.

Reverse Lights Replacement

Getting your faulty backup lights fix can be tricky and expensive at times if not done right the first time.

Hence, if you are not experienced in doing automotive repairs or if your warranty does not cover replacing the part, it is best to get help from a professional mechanic.

While for some vehicles, you can easily access the reverse light bulbs by popping up the trunk of your car or opening its tailgate.

For such vehicle models, you may not need the service of a professional automobile mechanic.

However, for other models where there is not enough space between the bumper and engine compartment, it may be necessary to remove a plastic panel along with screws in order to access the reverse light bulb.

In such instance, getting a qualified auto mechanic would be your best option. Not only will you serve money that would have spent on damaged items resulting from trying to fix it yourself, you will save time.


Are break lights and reverse lights the same?

To recap on the question; are break lights and reverse lights the same? They are not the same!

The color of the lights that are flashing on your car can give a lot away about what you’re doing or intending to do inside.

Reverse lights, for example, come in white colors and indicate when a car is going to be moving backward. Brake lights flash red and they typically let other cars know that the driver ahead has slowed down or stopped at an intersection.

We hope you found these distinctions helpful in understanding how to better use your car for safety on the road.

To ensure that your vehicle’s safety features work as they should always be working, it’s important to have them (backup lights, brake lights etc.) fixed or replaced by an expert mechanic so you can drive safely during any type of road conditions!